About Us

This Aided School, run by the Edappalam PTM Orphanage Managing Committee, and situated at the scenic shores of Kunthippuzha, at Edappalam in Vilayoor Panchayat in the north-east corner of Palakkad District, had its inception in July 1995, under the One School for Every Panchayat Scheme, as a result of the tireless efforts and under the leadership of Shri Bapputty Hajee. Shri. K. Krishna Kumar was the first Headmaster until 2003 when Shri Kunhikkamma succeeded him in the post.

At present, more than 3000 students are there in the High School and Higher Secondary Classes, the latter having been got sanctioned in 1998, hailing from even remote areas, drawn by the high standards set by the school in curricular and extra-curricular fields and the physical infrastructural facilities.

Shri . P.P. Muhamed Ashraf is the present Principal, Shri. Mohamed Chanaganakkaattil  the Headmaster and  Shri. M. Unnikrishnan, the President of the Parent-Teachers’ Association. In the beginning, during the nineties, the number of students who used to drop out on account of getting married was much high, but the school could overcome such social hurdles. Today only very few fail to make it to, at least, the XII Standard in studies.

The institution could ensure high standards of learning even from the start. During those early days, the only modes of transport for students to reach the school were a few jeeps and one or two catamarans, the local canoes, to ferry across the Kunthi River, that plied far and in between. It was under great stress and fear that parents would send their wards to school, during monsoon when the river was in spate. The attendance in the classes was, therefore, very thin. Still they attached maximum importance to the education of their wards with high percentage of success for the school in the SSLC Examinations

Before the grading system came into vogue, two smart boys in the same class co-shared the 10th rank in the SSLC examination and, during the period, the highest percentage of pass in SSLC in Pattambi educational sub-district used to be procured by this school. Situated as it was at the borders of both Palakkad and Malappuram Districts, students from both were attending the school.Today, the school owns seven buses, besides the public transport system with buses plying every half an hour. Ferrying across the river is an old story with a bridge across the river having been opened.

Through structured and orderly academic activities and other achievements in arts and sports, the school has grown to its present stature with 3500 students, 105 teachers and seven non-teaching staff in the high school and at higher secondary levels.

Facilities are there for studying Malayalam, Sanskrit, Arabic and Urdu as the first language. English medium classes started to function two years ago.The school has been able to provide excellent physical surroundings and infrastructure in the form of smart class rooms, laboratories, library, play ground and toilets, girls-friendly changing rooms, with no compromise on quality. The school has set exemplary standards in relating to the public and society at large, managing to carry out diverse welfare activities with name tags like A Home for a Class-mate, Adopted Village, ‘JYOTHIRGAMAYA’, a project that aims to electrify non-electrified homes and palliative care in collaboration with the general public.

The role and help of the school PTA and the local administration in these ventures cannot be forgotten.Certainly it’s the academic record of the school that draws students from far and wide. Worth mentioning are such academic efforts as the ‘JAYASARANI’ classes for the slow-learners of X Standard, preparatory night classes that last more than two weeks before the public examination, the ‘SPANDANAM’ (“Pulse”) Classes for VIII to X standards every Saturday. Study classes are also held for higher secondary students, backward in their studies. We now have 45 divisions in the VIII to X classes and 16 batches in Plus One and Plus Two classes.