7 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress For Your Website

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress For Your Website

In recent times there has been a huge transformation in the technologies available through the world’s largest connectivity network: the internet. And of course, the fundamental element is the WordPress website, where the possibility of filling it with audiovisual content allows us to communicate ideas, important information or provide a particular service.
But it could happen that we are not aware of all the changes that have occurred in recent times, which have made significant progress in the democratization of this medium and expanding the reach of all voices with new business models and content creation.


In this sense, we refer to certain paradigms that have changed the world of information technology in general, such as the open source free software model. Its philosophy is to provide software for personal or commercial use but charging not for the software itself, but for optional aspects such as technical support. In this way, anyone who wants to use it can do so without paying. Another advantage is that, in addition, the source code is provided, that is, the files with which they were programmed so that you can make all the changes you want and thus improve it or adapt it to your specific needs. This change of perspective has driven a lot of programs, applications, and platforms that have been improved by the community itself, even coming to compete with large companies whose software is paid.
On this model, there is a very successful case, the well-known WordPress. Here are the reasons why you should create a website with this incredible platform:

why you should create a website with WordPress

# 1: It’s free:
Perhaps the most important reason of all, since WordPress does not charge anything for using its platform, which, following the model of open source, you can download, modify, compile, install as you want.
# 2: It’s versatile:
WordPress is designed to be a blogging website, that is, a periodicals site where content is available to a specific audience. But you do not need to have a blog. This system is one of the most versatile on the market since you can add endless plugins and themes to make it almost anything.
# 3: It’s easy:
WordPress has one of the steepest learning curves compared to similar systems since you achieve greater success in less time by having a very user-friendly interface with the novice user. You do not need to know how to make a blog to get started on this platform, since the order and guided configuration of this, will make it easy to get started even without knowledge about the subject.
# 4: It is popular: You may not directly understand the importance of this feature, but it is practically a requirement when it comes to free software, since, for free use cases, developers do not provide direct technical support to the user. Then, this is done through the community of users and developers who share solutions and clear up frequent doubts. The more popular a system is, the more solutions you can find to common problems.
In no way does this mean that WordPress is not reliable, but for any software, you should plan what to do when something goes wrong. Therefore, the technical service continues to be a service that makes any software project more expensive.
# 5: Plugins and themes:
The success of this content management platform is so high that it far exceeds its open source rivals, taking more than 65 percent of the market. It is also estimated that more than 30% of the entire world’s website is developed with WordPress.


The importance of this lies in the interest it arouses as a market opportunity for developers and designers to allow them to sell their plugins or themes in the WordPress gallery, where there is a large number of potential buyers.
Even so, there is a great variety of these elements that are free to use, some with certain limitations, but which try to follow the same philosophy as WordPress. Without a doubt, a clear advantage for the end user.
# 6: Updates and security patches:
Much has been said about computer attacks and WordPress sites are no exception. But for this, the developers release security updates to reduce the vulnerabilities that they discover and thus limit the possibilities of being exploited by malicious attackers. On this subject, there is much to say, since, although the installation process of any of these systems is the only one with a certain level of difficulty, it is not necessary to install from scratch every time a new version is released. But you should simply click on the update button when your own website informs you about new and available recent updates. In a similar way, the plugins work, which will let you know when a new version has been released. You should not wait to install all the updates that arise, because if they do exist it is due to a recently discovered vulnerability, of which you are not protected.
# 7: Is up to date with the new trends:
Another consequence of being the most popular is that, in some way, the changes that arise in this trend. And it is not far behind when it comes to web design.
You should know that more than half of internet searches are made from mobile devices. A data difficult to ignore and even more so when the web, in general, has been designed for desktop computers. That’s why you can find themes in the gallery with the ability to adapt to any screen in what is known as responsive or adaptable.
Returning to the topic of searches, trends in digital marketing require that the websites in question be optimized for search engines. This is called: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) since the abysmal amount of websites in the world makes it difficult to find yours in the search results. For these practices, you can find a huge amount of plugins that make it easy.
At this moment you will be questioning why you did not start with WordPress before, anyway, in this world of free software, you can explore other options that have similar features. It is you who must decide which platform best suits your own requirements.

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