The Differences Between WordPress And Blog spot

Blogs have gone from being a hobby to a lucrative job that many people take very seriously. If you are planning to start your own blog, there are a number of sites that offer free hosting services; The best known are WordPress and Blogspot, which are distributed most of the cake. What are the differences between WordPress and Blogspot? Let’s see them:

Differences between WordPress and Blogspot
The main difference between the two platforms is payment. Blogspot offers its services completely free of charge. On the other hand, although you can use WordPress for free, some of its most important services (such as the possibility of installing plugins that increase the functionality of the blog) are only available once you pay for the premium subscription. For those who only want to use the blog as a hobby, the features offered by the free version are more than enough.


Another difference between Blogspot and WordPress is Javascript. Blogspot allows you to include third-party scripts on your blogs. On the contrary, Javascript is not allowed in WordPress blogs. Is it good to use Javascript? On the one hand, by doing so, a more interactive interface is achieved, whereas in not doing so, you have a cleaner and faster interface. Therefore, it is the user’s responsibility to decide what is most important to him, whether a more interactive design or a cleaner one.


Both services allow the user to create private blogs, which are not visible to the general public. The difference in this aspect between WordPress and Blogspot is how many private users there may be. With Blogspot, this is limited to a maximum of 100 people, as long as they are Blogspot users. In comparison, WordPress does not place any restrictions on who and how many users may be invited to view a private publication.

Finally, WordPress allows you to protect your posts with passwords, which is another way you can limit who can see the content of your messages. This is another feature that is not achieved when using Blogspot.

WordPress and Blogspot are the two giants in the world of blogs. One thing you should keep in mind is that Blogspot is owned by Google and easily integrates with some of the services they offer. The most important of which is Google Adsense. This is very important if you are looking to get some money with your blog.

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