9 Critical Design Checklist For Website In 2018

9 Critical Design Checklist for Website In 2018

Designing a new website is an exciting process. That’s Why We Made a Post About Design Checklist┬áto ensure the quality of your design. The Web Design in some business still not taken seriously, although I’m sure you will do the web design is an opportunity to expand your online presence, establish new relationships with customers and possibly increase the income of your business.
Each company has its own objectives for the design of its website, but everyone wants the process to be organized, efficient and purposeful. Next, there is a design checklist of questions for you to do before you start designing a new website to avoid unnecessary mistakes and start the project correctly.
Why are you designing a new website?
The reasons for designing a site can vary a lot between companies, and be defining them is essential to keep the project focused. Make a list of all your reasons and then reorder them according to priority. This can help focus the project on improving the most important pain points. Here are some common reasons to help you get started:
You are not seeing good results from your current site.
The purpose and objectives of your site have changed.
Your current site is not easy to use or does not respond to multiple screen sizes.
You want to improve your content, design or search engine optimization strategies (SEO).
You are falling behind the competition.


What do you like or do not like about your current site?
Using your previous website as a reference can be an excellent way to delineate what elements to avoid or preserve during the design process. Concentrate on what your current design elements are achieving (for example, you may really like your current color palette), and use this information to simplify the decision-making process. Remember to keep the priority is the user experience.
What do you like or do not like about the websites of other companies?
If you are fed up with your own site and strive to identify important items to keep or delete, try looking at other websites.
What do you want people to do on the new site?
An effective website must include a call to action (CTA) that inspires the user to complete a task. This could mean that the user subscribes to a newsletter, requests a service quote or shares their contact information with you. This call to action is essential to the design process, as it gives your site a focus and points users to the direction of the most important information. It also allows you to measure the success of your site by observing the frequency with which users successfully complete the desired action.
Who is the target audience and what are you looking for online?
Many websites have difficulty gaining traction with users because they are publishing to the wrong audience. Understanding your target audience is crucial to the design because this understanding will influence the colors, images, sources, content and general objectives of the site. It is also important to know what your online audience is looking for so you can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.
What analysis can you use to your advantage?
In the world of websites, the analysis is your best friend using Google Analytics. Using analytics from your current website, social media channels and any other online resource can provide valuable information and give the design elements a data-driven purpose. Before designing a website, try to identify trends in your analysis and start directing the project in one direction. If you do not have a website yet, you can check industry trends and statistics to see if there are best practices to follow. Explore these data to begin:
Rebound rate on your current website
The average time a user stays on your site
Which items are clicked more
Number of users accessing your site from mobile devices compared to desktops
Commitment to the followers of social networks
Web traffic sources
What do your competitors do that you do not?
Assessing what your competitors are doing is a great way to evaluate what is happening in your industry. Explore the features they offer on your sites and see if they can improve your user experience. Look for ideas to solve problems related to the industry in design, design or content.
Do you have brand guidelines to follow?
Before deciding on colors, fonts, images, and content, it is essential to have brand guidelines. This ensures that your marketing elements are consistent and cohesive, making visual connections between each page of the site to improve the flow and better guide the user. Reviewing your brand’s guidelines is also a great opportunity to collect and optimize the brand elements necessary for the design of the website, such as logos, images, hexadecimal color codes and much more!
Do you have a schedule?
Strive to have a timeline from the beginning of the project to measure if you are meeting your objectives efficiently. By organizing the process in steps or phases, you can more easily address each task at the appropriate time.
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